Rex was found at a roadside rest area.  He was eating from the garbage cans to sustain himself.  He was drinking from puddles, when there were any.  He was thin, afraid, and wanting love.  We rescued him, fed him, had a thorough vet examination, and intergrated him into our rescue community.

Elmer is our special needs dog.  We adopted him from the Espanola Animal Humane Society.  He has had serious head damage, has only a partial tongue, and serious dental problems.  He had heartworm and a fistula in his palate.  He has had several surgeries and procedures.  Elmer has a great spirit and a loving disposition.  We love Elmer!

Black Dog was coming around our store wanting to be fed.  One day he was missing.  A few days later he came back with a bullet wound in his left rear leg.  After a quick trip to the vet, his wound was treated, and has healed completely.  Now he is fat and happy!


Ginger was found playing in traffic.  She was just a puppy.  Ginger had parvo.  We had her treated at the vet and she survived the grueling treatment and she has now has developed into a healthy, happy dog.

Our daughter, Nicole, was watching traffic going through Ramah, and she witnessed Toby being thrown out of a car.   He was not badly hurt, but what a trauma for a small puppy.  He has grown into a friendly, well socialized dog.

Blake adopted us.  He just showed up at the rescue one day.  We started feeding him and eventually, he just walked into one of the kennels.  He is a happy, healthy, dog.

Clyde and his mate (Bonnie) were found hanging around a reservation school.  The authorities said they needed a home or they would be killed.  We brought them both to our rescue.  Bonnie was very pregnant, and Clyde is now a proud dad.  He is still shy but is becoming more and  more social as time passes.